“I can honestly say that Nikki was the jump start I needed when I was stuck. This is the simplest way I can phrase how my experience was. However, it cannot accurately describe how dynamic her guidance was because what I’ve learned resonates with me everyday. In the beginning I understood that I needed a change but I couldn’t see where to begin. I pride myself in being a self-starter and was stubborn in even considering help from someone else. Nikki’s approach in understanding my situation with an open and non-judgmental heart was what earned my trust. Through Nikki’s guidance and consistent support I learned how to focus on different goals in my life. She did this while simultaneously showing me how to credit myself for the growth steps I reached while in the midst of achieving those goals. If you find yourself feeling stuck in any aspect of your life, the best advice I can suggest is trusting Nikki to be a helping hand, cheerleader, guide, and most importantly a good friend who has your back.”  Ana Marie M.

Positive Energy

“Nikki has a positive energy that is contagious. She’s a fearless woman, full of faith, ready to take on any challenge physically, mentally, and spiritually. I look to her for inspiration, encouragement, and challenge for my own personal growth.”

– Mary H.

Rare Talent

“Nikki is one of those rare talents when it comes to life coaching and leading this mastermind group.  She not only takes the time to work with you, but also gently yet firmly calls you out when you are not being authentic to who you say you want to become. She is respectful of your time and the mastermind group is a wonderful and safe space to develop and move toward your life goals.  Worth every penny! and more.”

– Erica K. 

Listening and Understanding

“Nikki has this vibrant smile that has a way of peering into your soul and bringing out your best qualities and encouraging you to accomplish all that you are capable of doing. Before Nikki I was lost, confused about my calling in life, and unsure of my worth. She was able to guide me by listening and understanding what I would say to her, she held me accountable when I began slipping into a mindset that was not for me, and she exudes a light and love for Jesus that motivates all who encounter her to love people as they are.”

– Brea C.