I am so excited you are here! My name is Nikki and it’s a pleasure to meet you!


My passions and focus have morphed over the years and I feel they will forever be changing, however, my heart is still for serving others. Here’s a little about me.


First and foremost, I am a woman of faith. Jesus is homie and I strive to live my life for him each day!


Second, I am a certified life coach and athletic trainer. I have a desire to merge these two professions to help millennial athletes through the tough transition of being injured and either not being able to play the sport they love, or taking a break from it. As an athlete myself, I know what this is like. I too suffered from an injury and didn’t know whether I would be able to play volleyball let alone any other sport I wanted to play or do. I went through the griefing process of having to let go of my identity of an athlete. It’s not who I am but what I did. During this time, I was able to rediscover who I was despite the sport I played and this has now turned into my burning desire to help others who are in the position I was once in. 


I get asked the question, “What is an athletic trainer?” They assume I am a personal trainer. I am here to tell you, these professions are not the same. I work in sports medicine. I am the first responder on the field or court when an athlete goes down. I tend to injuries in the best way possible and refer out to doctors when nessecary. I mostly work with kids ranging from 8-18, as well as college students. This work keeps me on my toes, because I never know what’s going to happen, but that’s why I enjoy it!


Not only am I a life coach focusing on transition, athletic trainer, but also a former missionary.


I have led a group of 40+ peers to 11 different countries in Central America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. In this position I did peer to peer mentorship; was the liaison between the staff in the states, the organizations we worked with, and the group I was traveling with; planned and facilitated weekend debriefs and leadership development seminars, did confrontation management, and loved and supported my squad mates. My experience as a missionary returning to “real life” back in the U.S.A. has led me to help returning missionaries as they navigate the process of continuing a vibrant purposeful life after their missions commitment has ended. I am proud to be partnering with M2B Ministries in this venture.


My friends describe me as joyful, sunshine, genuine, vibrant, intuitive, motivating, compassionate, encouraging, life-giving, silly, fun, optimistic, devoted, adventurous, athlete, positive, & passionate.  For the most part this sums me up! My strengths-finder test shows my traits: 1) positive, 2) responsibility, 3) belief, 4) connector, and 5) developer. And if you are curious, my Meyers-Briggs is ESTJ.


For now, I live in beautiful Southern California and I am in love with the ocean. I am blessed to live a few miles from the beach. I enjoy traveling, playing volleyball, snowboarding, working out, reading personal development books, and listening to podcasts (I’m launching my own soon).


If you want to know more about me, don’t hesitate to ask – send me an email here, or schedule a phone call here!


Looking forward to getting to know you better!