Singleness and dating have been quite the journey for me. My first and last boyfriend was in high school (we were on and off throughout college), and I dated 2 guys from then until now. So yeah, I know what it means to be single. 

Two years ago, I got a matchmaker (what’s a matchmaker you ask? Find out here.) and have been on and off of dating apps. NOTHING. Honestly, nothing happened. My matchmaker couldn’t find me a date and I was getting discouraged and wondering if this would ever happen for me. Then I was reminded of a vision God gave me 7 years ago of my wedding day and I knew this would happen for me one day. But when?

This has been a journey and I am happy to tell you, I AIN’T SINGLE NO MORE by the grace of God. He gifted me with the most incredible boyfriend. In the end, this was all worth it. 

I share my update in this episode and speak to all the singles out there! I understand. I get it, but trust me, it’s worth the wait. 

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