You are some of the first to listen to this! Last weekend, I went to my mom’s recording studio to record my audiobook! It’s a rendition of my paperback. I wanted to give people an option to be able to listen to my book.

As my podcast family, I want to share this with you. In this episode you will get to hear what my audiobook will sound like. Recording an audiobook is no easy task. I’m learning that first hand. It’s a process and my mom and I are still in the editing stages. But it will be done and available March 20th in paperback and audio form. 

I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT! If you want book updates go to to be added to the list.

Follow me on instagram to get daily updates on this whole process @nikkiromani and follow my mom to see her professional end of it all @tamiromani. You will get a behind the scenes peak on the audiobook process.  

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