There’s one word I’ve been hearing over and over. It has been sticking out to me. I’ve heard it in songs, people have said it, the name of my church is this…


Hillsong recently released an album and the song “Awake my Soul” has been playing on repeat in my home. My church is called Awakening International. I watched a documentary movie on Youtube called “Sheep Among Wolves Vol. 2” and they talk about the awakening of the people of Iran starting an underground church and it’s rapidly growing. INCREDIBLE! You must watch it!

There was something in that movie that caught my attention. An Iranian woman moved to the US with her husband to escape persecution, but after being in the States she begged her husband to move back to Iran. Why? Because she said America is asleep. Satan is singing a silent lullaby. 

That statement hit me hard. This is exactly what I’ve been feeling. Are we all spiritually asleep? God is moving and we are missing him.

Kanye West has been awakened. I’ve even heard him talk about it in an interview. He is a new man by the power of God. 

I’ve written a book that will be out the beginning of next year, and now I know God’s perfect timing with all of it. I’ve been working on this book for 2.5 years and it’s all about the Holy Spirit, spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, and the power that lives within us. This is what people need. They need to be awakened to the power of God!

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