In my last episode, I talked about burnout. I shared ways to overcome and work through burnout. If you are feeling tired and like the world is passing you by and you can’t catch a break- go back and listen to that episode. Click Here.

This week I want to talk about how rest can help you accomplish personal records.

There is such a thing as over exercising. If you feel fatigued, have lost the desire to workout, mood changes, unable to sleep (insomnia), delayed recovery time, fat gain… these are all signs you are working out too much. And during those times you are unable to perform at your best because you are not allowing your body to recover and rest which is exactly what it needs. 

I am speaking from personal experience and very recent too.

Over the past few weeks I have been learning what it means to listen to my body. To sleep when I need to sleep, to stretch or go for a walk when I feel I need it. I have taken the pressure off of myself to go to every gym workout and push myself just because I feel I have to. 

Since I have been resting in a way that’s restorative, I have been hitting PRs when I’m lifting weights. The past 2 weeks I have PRed in deadlifts- lifting the heaviest I’ve ever lifted and being shocked when it happened. When I told the coach what had happened he said, it’s because I allowed my body to rest and recover and now I’m coming back stronger. He was totally right!


I’ve been telling myself ” I am strong.” I have also apologized to my body for disrespecting her and not listening to her. It may sound silly, but there is freedom in speaking over yourself. I wrote a letter to my body telling her I’m sorry and also thanking her for everything she has done for me. Try it!

When I PRed in 1 rep max in deadlifts at 225#. The next week I made it to 230# !!!
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