Are you tired? Are you feeling run down? Are you feeling as though life is moving so fast you can’t keep up? 

You may be experiencing something called BURNOUT. If you feel yourself shutting down, unable to get stuff down, or loosing motivation, your body is trying to tell yourself something. I know how this feels because from personal experience. 

I share with you 7 ways to overcome burnout whether it’s in life or in regards to the sport you play if you are an athlete. 

  1. Take a step back from what you are doing
  2. Re-evaluate if this is what’s best for you
  3. Learn to say “no” or “not right now”
  4. Don’t put too many things in your schedule
  5. Mediate, pray
  6. Self-care: get a massage, get your nails done, go for a walk, get out in nature (you may need to schedule this for yourself and make it a non-negotiable) 
  7. Rest: what does that mean for you? It may mean actually sleeping, or it may mean slowing down by doing some of the things I already mentioned. For me rest means slowing down.

Life throws so much at us, but we need to protect ourselves. Self should be our first priority.

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