I am writing a book. It’s been 2 years in the making and I’m coming close to the publishing end. It seems so surreal at times.In this episode, I want to share with you what I’ve learned along this journey. This is part 2 because in part 1 I share with you why I started writing the book and how I got started. So if you want to hear the back story, listen to that episode first.

I will briefly share with you why I am writing this book. The short version- because God told me too. I am a woman of faith and have a strong desire to share with people who God is and more specifically who the Holy Spirit is. I’ve had multiple visions and dreams of myself sharing with people who He and when I asked God how I was going to do that, He told me to write a book.

Throughout the entire process I have asked for help. God told me to tap into my resources, to reach out to people who have done this before. This has helped a TON! I am so thankful to Paul Sohn who was the first person I reached out to when God gave me this assignment. He wrote the book “Quarter-Life Calling” which I highly recommend you read! https://kit.com/nikkiromani/personal-development-books/quarter-life-calling

COMMUNITY is huge- if that’s one thing you take away from this. Tap into your resources and the people around you. They want to help, but you have to ask them. 

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