Today I have a great conversation with a new friend of mine, Ruth-Joy Connell. She is founder of RJ Connell Consulting as an income strategist helping creative and service-based entrepreneurs generate more profit by implementing strategy and systems around their time and money. If you want to live the life you choose and have freedom, Ruth-Joy is your girl. But she didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur. Her path was to become a surgeon. Through the struggle of juggling jobs to be able to make ends meet and failing in school, she came to a point in her life she had to make a decision. Was this what she really wanted? Was this the legacy she wanted to leave behind? Why was she pursuing life as a surgeon when she was already making plans to open her own practice so she wouldn’t have to work?

She put her identity in becoming a surgeon that the thought of this not happening brought disappointment. The feeling of letting herself down was too much to bare. Listen as she shares her story and how she turned her life around. 

Ruth-Joy gives great advice as to how to navigate during a pivotal point in life. We experience many pivots, but how do we deal with them?

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