Paul Sohn is the author of “Quarter Life Calling,” founder of, creator of “Finding Your Calling” online course, and speaker. He’s passion is to help twenty-somethings find their sweet spot, their true north, their purpose. 

I had the honor of interviewing this man I call friend. He shares with us how he went from working for a Fortune 50 company, to quitting and doing what he does now. He shares with us why he wrote this book and created Qara, which is an online platform for millennials to find community, resources, and answers for help them find their calling. 

He and I share how we met via the internet (thanks to Tami Romani. Funny Story). Make sure to listen to the end because he gives tips on how you can start finding your calling TODAY! 

Quotes from Paul:

  • “Your 20s isn’t the end of your life.”
  • “If you are feeling anxious, take it slow and be faithful.”
  • “Every day walk your faith out. Are you starting your day seeking the Father?”
  • “The Bible isn’t a basic formula. It’s the word of God.”

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