This is part 2 of my interview with Bryan Hill. If you missed part 1, STOP RIGHT THERE and go listen to that episode first. Click here

In the first episode, Bryan and I talk about work-life balance and how to run a successful business. Bryan is part owner of Rehab United Physical Therapy. He and his brother started in their garage and now own 7 clinics. AMAZING! Go to to check it out!

Here are a few highlights of this episode.

We touch on the importance of body mechanics. Be mindful and conscious of something like having good posture and use a foam roller! Bryan says, “It seems everyone gets a foam roll. It’s like you get a driver’s license and a foam roll.” He touches on some movements to do if you have back pain. He also talks about our body moving in 3 planes of motion. “Be proactive and do something about it!”

Here is a stretching and foam rolling guide if you don’t know where to start!

Don’t treat the symptom, treat the underlining problem. “We live in a society that wants a quick fit.” Don’t just put tape on it. EDUCATE people on the chain reaction the body goes through. Go to a professional to get evaluated. Look at everything influencing the problem. 

GO and see a physical therapist and athletic trainer if you have an injury or have pain and want a rehab program. We need to see you because we need to evaluate you to see how your body moves which could be affecting why you are injured. 


“Driver is anything that moves something. The two biggest drivers, I believe, are pain and love.” -Bryan

People work harder when they do something that they love. 

It’s more than just treating someone’s elbow, it’s also about mindset and emotion. 

Stop thinking of yourself, and take time to serve others. 

One value of Rehab United “giving our community an opportunity to heal not just physically, but also mentally.” 

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