Outlets can be anything that bring you joy, and have nothing to do with the project or your job. They need to tap into a different part of your brain. We were not made to be constantly working.  We need to have fun, to let loose and enjoy ourselves. Having an outlet allows us to not be thinking about all the tasks we have to get done. It frees our minds. Helps us to feel refreshed. It takes us away from the project at hand and gives us a fresh perspective when we come back to it.

One of my outlets is snowboarding. It brings me so much joy! I’m not thinking about everything I have to do, I am in the moment and thinking about what’s in front of me. This is why I love snowboarding so much without listening to music. When I am riding down the mountain, I am in the moment. I feel so free and I’m not thinking about anything else, but where I’m at and the scenery and the turns I’m making.

Even though I was in a horrible snowboarding accident, that hasn’t stopped me from the joy snowboarding brings. Click here to listen to that episode.

What is your outlet? If you don’t know, allow yourself the time to think about it and then do it! What is something you enjoy, makes you come alive, is different than your work?

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