What is something that you have been thinking about and want to do, but haven’t pulled the plug to do it? Something that may scare you a bit, or is out of your comfort zone? 

Do something that challenges you physically, mentally, even spiritually.

Each year I like to sign up or do something that is adventurous and challenges me.

2014 – Christian mission trip, The World Race, 11 countries, 11 months

Traveled with 40+ people. This was my first team Agape.

2015 – My First Triathlon in San Diego

2nd place in my age group!

2016 – Hiked Mt. Whitney and became a life coach

Top of Mt. Whitney at 14,505 ft

2017 – started writing a book, and joined M2B Ministries helping short term missionaries with re-entry

I’ve been writing any place I can

2017 – Hiked Cactus to Clouds, and did my 2nd triathlon (finishing 2nd place in my age group again!)

Top of San Jacinto with my Mountain Queens!

2019 – planning to hike Catalina Island and finishing the June Lake Triathlon!! (pictures to come once completed)

Each thing I’ve done hasn’t been easy. It requires discipline, diligence, but also fun!  

Pick something that pushes you out of your comfort zone and jump in and go for it! But also something that excites you and you have fun doing. Even though it’s challenging, you shouldn’t dread doing it. 

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