As we step into this new year, take time to reflect on the past year, but don’t stay there keep moving forward.

Give yourself the time and the space to reflect and process all you have learned. Don’t shy away from the challenging and hard times, because there is so much you can learn to do better moving forward.

Maybe you started a new job.

Moved to a new city.

Went on an epic adventure.

Started a new endeavor like launching your own blog, website, podcast, book, etc.

Whatever it may be, have you taken the time to reflect on your accomplishments, your successes, your mistakes and failures? Yes, I said mistakes and failures because those are just as important to reflect on as your successes and the fun stuff.

Going into this new year, do you desire to be a better version of yourself than the following year? I sure hope so. I sure do. I want every year to be a year of growth. I want to be able to look back at the person I was and compare to the person I am today and see a difference.

The only direction we are moving is forward. It’s ok to reflect on the past to learn from it, but don’t stay stuck on the mistakes you made or even the joys you experienced. There is much more to come that’s in front of you.  

This past year, God gave me a vision of myself. It was if I was standing sideways with one arm holding onto something of my past and my other arm reaching for the future. God revealed to me that if I have one hand in the past, I am not able to face forward and look at what’s ahead. It’s as if whatever it is in my past is holding me back from fully embracing what’s ahead of me.

So I say to you, what is it you are holding onto from your past? It’s time to let it go so you are able to fully face what’s ahead.

This is a new year and an opportunity to become a better version of the person you were last year. However, it’s up to you to make that change. It’s up to you to do the work.  

As I ponder upon the year to come, I get so excited, but this is because I have set myself up for what’s to come. I wanted to launch into the new year as opposed to dig myself out of a hole. I have become self-aware of things I need to work on. And continued my pursuit of dreams such as writing a book (coming out next year!), and starting a podcast (available now on iTunes called True Identity). Maybe this isn’t the story for you, that’s ok. Today is a new day. Start now.

How are you going into 2019? Are you launching? Or are you stuck in the past? The choice is up to you.

Bring it on 2019. There’s so much to come.

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