I struggle with slowing down. I don’t have the best patience. Take hiking for example. When I set a time for the group to start the hike, I want to start at that time. Not a minute before, not a minute after. While on the hike, I am on a mission to complete it. No time to stop to look at flowers or trees or bugs. It’s go time. This is really when my competitive side comes out, and really I think I am in competition with myself. How fast can I hike this mountain?

I have come to learn not everyone is like me.

I have a few friends who are the opposite. My friend Eric is one of these people who have tested my patience. I tell him the time we need to go somewhere, and then he dilly dallies along taking his sweet time and it drives me crazy! Another friend of mine, Danielle, is like this as well. She is patient, she is never in a rush. While we are hiking she is the one in the back taking in the scenery, smelling the flowers, or even picking flowers. And then there’s me in the front on a mission. I rarely stop to look at things because I want to get to my destination. I am very observant so I do notice things, but I take it in at warp speed. This is why I think I would make a good FBI agent. My head is on a swivel checking my surrounding, but I am constantly moving. I am on a schedule and I like to keep to it.

One particular hike God challenged me with this. He told me to go in the back of the group and pull up the rear. Let me tell you THIS was hard for me. This required patience. When the girls in the group would stop, I had to stop. This was my time to test my patience. And it was a struggle for me. However, at one point a butterfly landed on one of the girl’s hands and stayed there for about 3 minutes, hiking along with us. I wouldn’t have seen this butterfly if I was in the front rushing along. This was my reminder from God to slow down and take in his beautiful creation.

Something God told me while I was in the back of the group on this hike was that he puts people in our lives who are different than us to give us another perspective. To slow us down so we can take in the beautiful creation around us. To appreciate the little details in life that we may miss if we are in a hurry to get to wherever we are trying to go.

I am thankful for these friends in my life who are different than me. They help me to slow down and enjoy life around me. Life is moving way too fast, and I don’t want it to go by any faster because I am in a hurry to go nowhere.

Who in your life challenges you to see life with a different perspective? Call them up or text them to say thank you for being in your life and for helping you see things with a different lense.






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