It all starts with you. In order to give of yourself to others, you must take care of yourself first. You must give yourself grace for the mistakes you make. Humans are not perfect. You must strive to be your best but you must allow for mistakes. Some of the best success comes from a line of mistakes.

Giving grace to ones self is difficult, sometimes more difficult than giving grace to others. I know this is true for myself. I can give grace to people all day long. I know they are not perfect, and I always see the best in people before they see it in themselves. So why don’t I do the same for myself? Why don’t I know that I cannot be perfect? That I am human just like everyone else. That I have flaws, I have emotions, I make mistakes, and that is all okay. Why don’t I see the best in myself? Why don’t I believe in myself? Why am I so hard on myself?

We are our own worst critic. We are hard on ourselves, but that doesn’t do anyone any good.

Think about this… if we give grace to ourselves and allow ourselves to be human, love ourselves, how much more would we be able to give grace and love others?

Think about that for a moment.

There is something in this thought. If we all started taking care of ourselves in all aspects including personal development, exercise, eating healthy, being filled spiritually, how much more would we be able to give to others?

I have been discipling two girls from my church, and there was one point I was not being discipled myself. I saw the effect it had on me as well as the girls. I was not taking care of myself and as a result I was feeling drained and taking on burdens that were not mine to take on. I was not doing myself any good and was not able to serve and give my best to the girls.

When I found someone to disciple and mentor me that all changed. I am now able to give my best to them because I have someone pouring into me and giving me support. It’s a game changer!

Compassion means to suffer together, but what about the idea of self-compassion? Have you ever thought about giving yourself compassion? Being compassionate is tuning into other people in a kind and loving manner, so what about doing this for yourself? This will not only change your personal life but your business and career. You are the core of any relationship personal or business. You need to be confident and love yourself before anyone else will, besides God. He loves you no matter what. You cannot earn his love. He gives it to us unconditionally.


Tips to self-compassion

  • Find a mentor
  • Give yourself grace. You are not perfect
  • Welcome mistakes and turn them into success
  • Personal development whether that is listening to podcasts, reading a good and helpful book

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